Manufacturers of power lines

REBAIOLI S.p.A. is an established and renowned company at a world-wide level for the carrying out of power lines, telecommunication towers and technological systems in general, according to the client’s needs.

Professionalism, quality and flexibility of the services offered are the characteristics that have always distinguished the work carried out by REBAIOLI S.p.A., that has chosen to keep the company a family-run and well organised concern, which over the years has made the company streamlined and smooth running, with efficient and quick decision making capabilities.

In 1948 the company, founded by Cav. ENRICO PAOLO REBAIOLI as a building company, was called “IMPRESA REBAIOLI CAV. ENRICO“. He must be credited with the noteworthy development of the 380 kV network on the Italian market after 1960.

In 1976 the company, following a differentiation and the opening of businesses in other sectors, becomes “REBAIOLI S.p.A.” and is confirmed as the leading company in the production of power lines for transport, distribution and for transformation cabin.

Today, as was the case also in 1976 when it was ahead of its time, the company is characterized by absolute competence (from planning to the supplying of materials and execution of power stations and lines), an added value which allows it to offer clients a complete and inexpensive contract, called “Turn-key”.

The “Turn-key” formula is an integrated management system capable of satisfying the customer’s needs under every aspect, bearing in mind that the customer only deals with one interlocutor who is reliable and is at the customer’s complete disposal.

Services offered:

  • Consultation and assistance
  • Planning
  • Supply of materials (tower, shelter, structural work)
  • Equipment Installation
  • BT/MT power supply
  • Wind power supply

Thanks to each technician’s specific training, REBAIOLI S.p.A. is in a position to be responsible for all the technical – organizational requirements in a contract, anticipating the autonomous checking of all mechanical, electrical components and accessories so as to offer the client a complete service: qualitative, professional and rapid.

REBAIOLI S.p.A is a company certified by different national electricity authorities and establishes their building sites on the territory according to ecological criteria, with the purpose of not altering the existing equilibrium.

REBAIOLI S.p.A. is available for emergency work to restore power lines not in working order due to intense weather conditions or any other external cause. For emergency services REBAIOLI S.p.A. guarantees quick interventions within 36 hours.