To guarantee workers and all interested parties an easy communication of remarks and suggestions, Rebaioli S.p.A. has adopted a procedure for reporting (even anonymously) alleged irregularities. By filling in and sending the form, we guarantee the analysis and processing of reports sent by anyone, third parties or employees, even in confidential or anonymous form, relating to internal control issues (compliance with external laws and regulations, as well as company rules and procedures, fraud on corporate assets and corporate information, etc.), or other matters in violation of our Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility (issues pertaining to ethics of conduct, bullying, harassment, etc.). The reporting system of Rebaioli S.p.A. defines a process of information flows for the reception, analysis and determination of corrective actions regarding alleged irregularities.


All the units / organizational positions of Rebaioli S.p.A. affected by the reception and processing of reports, guarantee the absolute confidentiality and anonymity of reporting persons, using for this purpose criteria and communication methods, suitable to protect the integrity of the persons mentioned in the reports, as well as the anonymity of the reporters, so that make the report is not subject to any form of retaliation.