The Rebaioli Group

Global supplier of plants and telecommunication services

In the telecommunications context, evidenced by ever increasing competition, the Rebaioli Group was founded to satisfy market needs aimed at quality and personalization of technological system services, keeping the impact that this activity has on the environment under control and undertaking large investments in work safety.

Thanks to the experience acquired and aware of the level of importance they have had in terms of quality since 1966, the Rebaioli Group has been one of the first companies in Italy to have obtained a Management System for Quality documented and certified according to UNI-EN ISO 9000 regulations, since 2003 the Quality Management System has obtained the certificate for complete fulfilment of the UNI-EN ISO 9001 regulations and standards.

The Rebaioli Group is the outcome of important cooperation of companies operating in fields related to electricity and telecommunications, where skills have been perfectly integrated and developed to offer the customer a global service defined “Turn-Key”.

The strength of the company lies in a modern concept of work and a management policy inspired by new norms in force:

  • Operating rules and means with which to organise means, procedures and staff
  • Environmental policy
  • Management formula for health and safety
  • Work risks analysis
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of measures taken for hazards and prevention.

In order to reach these objectives the Rebaioli Group has, since 2007, introduced an integrated management system: quality – environment – safety, in compliance with international norms and in a position to trigger a continuous improvement procedure.