Renewable energy

Wind power stations, photovoltaic and biomass systems

Wind power

Wind powered energy is the most dynamic of renewable Energy as it is based on the exploitation of wind Energy. At present energy is converted into electricity through a wind power station, while in the past wind Energy was used in loco as an automotive force for industrial and pre-industrial uses. At top place among all renewable energies for its cost/production ratio, wind Energy was also the first so-called “green” energy source, used by man.

EnergyRainbow firmly believes in the importance of developing renewable Energy sources for a sustainable future. For this reason it has created a specific area dedicated to wind power, able to furnish the generalisation and conversion structures, execute the erection of towers and carry out the connection to the electricity grid.


EnergyRainbow plans, installs and supplies turn-key photovoltaic systems, applying innovative systems through the skilled work of a staff of qualified technicians. Standards and technological innovation are the principles that aim at quality and efficiency.

EnergyRainbow has drawn up an agreement with Marcegaglia SpA to market the BROLLO SOLAR system, also becoming its official installer, both in the Italian market and abroad (Portugal and Balkans). The product aims at covering large areas and represents a complete solution for companies that wish to invest in the production of power using photovoltaic technology.


EnergyRainbow plans and realises systems for generating electrical and thermal energy from BIOGASSES, a renewable source obtained from natural organic materials. The company offers all the products and services necessary in all phases of the life of the systems, thanks also to a collaboration with leading companies in the production of machinery.