Telecommunication Tower

Pylons and Systems

Telecommunications are an area of strategic importance for REBAIOLI S.p.A. and a market of reference that is continuously expanding, always in keeping with technology. Thanks to the widespread presence throughout the territory, REBAIOLI S.p.A. can guarantee that work is done in the shortest time possible, in collaboration with the subsidiary company RebaioliTelco.

REBAIOLI S.p.A.’s mission is to offer reliable and competitive solutions; this structure allows creating and proposing integrated telecommunications systems and standards in response to each client’s requirements. Particularly in developing countries abroad, there is the urgent need for a renewal of the infrastructures and telecommunications systems. It is this thought that allows REBAIOLI S.p.A. to integrate the various technologies and generate new solutions, guaranteeing continuity in choices, offers and proposing high quality services in order to offer a permanent solution to the requirements of the market and its own clients.

The merger of the two companies offers a complete service, also in turn-key projects, for the operators in the sector.

REBAIOLI S.p.A. plans, produces and supplies:

  • special foundations and resin fixing
  • special structural work
  • electrical wiring
  • towers, poles and self-bearing support structures and cable-stayed for radio and television systems
  • shelter
  • external and internal rack cabinets to store equipment
  • structural equipment (brackets, outreach sections in square and round tubing, fencing, gates, stairways, mezzanine floors, canopies, hothouses, structures for photovoltaic systems, bases and structures with beams e structures according to plans).

REBAIOLI S.p.A. is also involved in the installation of antennae, VHF/UHF panels and parabolas, as well as fibre optic cables, both aerial and subterranean and accessories for telecommunications in general, supplied by RebaioliTelco.

The strength that allows a group such as REBAIOLI S.p.A. to develop is above all the knowledge of being able to plan for the future and ensuring continuity of important values through time: guarantee, soundness, certainty, certification of products and services, in compliance with the most stringent environmental laws and constant attention paid to clients.