Upgrading power lines

Increasing the performance of existing power lines

Within the sphere of an improvement in reliability, efficiency and safety of the national electrical power grid, the project to upgrade the lines consists of replacing the Energy conductors or the safety lines in an existing power line, with the forecast maintenance of the pilework of the existing power line to 130 – 150 – 380 kV.

The renewal of the power lines is forecast in the lines of a modernisation of the National Transmission Grid in order to:

  • optimise the effectiveness of the Energy transmission service, with the replacement of the current power lines dating from the nineteen sixties and that are now at the end of their operational life
  • improve the safety and reliability of the interconnection abroad, for the existing power grid through the replacement of components of the grid whose reliability is deemed to be no longer suitable for international standards.

REBAIOLI S.p.A. is able to undertake precise and specific upgrading of power lines, without causing inconvenience and cuts to the inhabitants of the area concerned by the upgrading of the lines.