Integrated Policy


The Management of Rebaioli S.p.A. undertakes to implement a policy appropriate to the aims and context of the company, which focuses on the full satisfaction of customer expectations, the fight against pollution, the commitment to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, the protection of human and labor rights the commitment to the continuous improvement of energy performance, ie compliance with the Code of Ethics and gives all areas the mandate to continuously and systematically improve the quality of the product / service offered, the environmental impacts generated , pollution prevention, health and safety performance, risk reduction, energy performance and the defense of human and labor rights. The Direction undertakes not to provide or create products / services, if the work activities can not be carried out in complete safety for personnel and for the environment and for the rights and dignity of persons.

In particular, the Integrated Management System is based on the following elements:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the Integrated System;
  • Promoting the involvement and conscious participation of Company staff at all levels in the implementation of the Integrated System;
  • Commitment to constant updating and compliance with the legislation in force and with all the other requirements signed by the organization;
  • Continuous improvement of the methods of process management for the achievement of ever better results;
  • Maximum collaboration and agreement with customers in order to evaluate and correctly interpret their needs and be able to operate at their best;
  • Attention to resources and awareness of the importance of their role in company dynamics, which attributes a pre-eminent role to the training and development of all staff;
  • Definition of procedures and instructions aimed at reducing waste and ensuring the virtuous use of energy;
  • Continuous and constant research that moves and projects the company staff towards avant-garde solutions and technologies in respect of health and safety and low environmental impact;
  • Continuous improvement of performance through collaboration and coordination between company resources and the correct use of energy sources, ensuring the reduction of pollution generated by flows leaving the company processes;
  • Involvement of its employees with the spread of greater awareness on the use of energy, through appropriate channels of communication, training and information, with particular reference to the areas where the consumption of energy is significant;
  • Continued joint participation of workers and management in the protection of human rights to identify and correct non-conformities and ensure the maintenance of compliance;
  • Constant commitment to comply with all the requirements of the Social Responsibility standard and compliance with the appropriate international instruments;
  • Promotion of dialogue and discussion with all internal and external stakeholders (public authorities, citizens, associations, etc.), taking into account their needs, needs and expectations by activating appropriate tools for participation and communication in a transparent manner business activities.

The Integrated Quality, Environment, Health, Safety, Energy and Social Responsibility System developed is based on the achievement, maintenance and improvement of the requirements specified in the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2011, SA8000: 2014 with the constant commitment of the Management.