Technological Systems

Realisation of waterways and electrification lines

Supported by a perfectly organised structure, skilled staff and avant-garde machinery, REBAIOLI S.p.A. has extended its services to the realization of technological systems.

In the civil engineering sector, the company can undertake work such as:

  • Realisation of systems such as waterways, sewerage systems, gas ducts, public lighting systems
  • Electrification lines for railways
  • Construction of civil and industrial buildings
  • Building work to stabilise inclines

REBAIOLI S.p.A. also deals with the entire preliminary preparation phase of the site on which work must be done, guaranteeing preliminary technical operations in addition to those mentioned above, such as:

  • staking or checking of the same
  • plano-altimetric surveys of the spans
  • checking of sections relative to supports
  • laying of foundations
  • realization of foundations for supports in water
  • special foundations for tie rods in compact rock
  • foundations with micro-poles at repeated injections
  • basket foundations
  • foundations with drilled poles

For work inherent to the realisation of the high velocity train undertaken by Alstom, REBAIOLI S.p.A. is responsible for all work concerning lighting, tunnels, automotive power and electrification of the line.